Enjoy a Wall Mounted “Live Streaming Digital Aquarium” with Real Underwater Views from the World’s Oceans and Aquariums!

All from the Comfort of Your Living Room!



   Welcome to the exciting new age of Smart Live Digital Aquariums! With hundreds of underwater live cameras throughout the world you are able to enjoy the exciting but relaxing views and sounds of underwater daily life of the world oceans or large aquariums. Easily hang our fake aquarium on your wall and start watching live action anywhere in the world. Visit the beautiful and exotic Pacific Coral Reef, the sea life of Monterey Bay, California or Clearwater, Florida. Travel to the cool underwater Canadian oceans, or many other scenic marine locations throughout the world. Enjoy live camera videos of whales, sharks, jellyfish, sea otters, sea turtles, penguins, tropical fish and hundreds of other fish varieties or watch freshwater fish from world aquariums!
   You’re not limited to the same fish swimming in your tank. You now have a world of underwater locations to choose from with thousands of colorful fish without the set up costs and regular maintenance requirements of a real aquarium. Just hang this unit on your wall, plug it into any nearby wall socket, connect the included streaming device to your internet via WiFi, and access any free live streaming video you want on YouTube. Then just sit back and enjoy the absolute realism of live fish shown in real time.
   Your “Window to the World” Live Streaming Aquarium includes an Amazon Fire Stick enabling you to connect to your internet service via Wi-Fi. Connectivity is activated through your regular internet account information (id and password.) Once set up, you will have the ability to use your Fire Stick remote control to go online and access the YouTube website. With just a quick search for the term “fish videos”, you will find an assortment of streaming videos to choose from. Simply select the one you want and start enjoying hours of live streamed undersea or aquarium videos without interruption for free. Change videos as often as you wish for a variety of scenes from around the world – tropical fish, sharks, dolphins, eels, sea turtles, crabs, coral reef habitats – all captured on live underwater cameras. The options available for your visual enjoyment are almost endless once your own fake aquarium is installed and running.
   A great conversation piece that will brighten up any room or office wall. Enjoy the ambience of the peace and calm of the ocean and multicolored real fish. This fascinating option will last for years and presents an excellent alternative to real aquariums without any downside. There’s no cleaning, changing water, balancing chemicals, treating fish diseases or any other maintenance issues. Our live streaming wall-mounted digital aquarium for home is simple, hands free, plug-in video enjoyment that you control.
  Your opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world of your own video aquarium awaits you. Take the dive and order your fake aquarium today!